5 Key ingredients to planning a GREAT hens night

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When creating a hens night is can be hard to please all parties involved.It can be a juggle to create a night where all ages enjoy themselves and the bride-to-be has a good time. Having an event background has often given me the task of organising the night for friends that are getting married. I have listed from my experience 5 Key ingredients to planning a great hens night.

1st Key ingredient to planning a great hens night

Have a few different parts to the event so that the guests can choose what they would like to attend.

One great hens night I designed involved a life drawing class with a nude male model, dinner & drinks then finishing with the brides favourite karaoke. The brides mother and older guests came for the drawing class, dinner then let the younger guests go on for the karaoke. Some of the more conservative guests including her auntie who was a nun joined for dinner only. So you get the idea. Creating a layer to the day giving guests a chance to choose their level of comfort helps satisfy everyone’s taste.

5 Key ingredients planning great hens night

2nd Key ingredient to planning a great hens night

Have some form of entertainment on the evening. You may have a number of guests that don’t know each other. Entertainment helps to create conversation and bonding opportunities for the party.

A few great ideas are:


Teppanyaki  is a Japanese dinning experience which places an emphasis on the chef performing a show, continuing to introduce new variations and tricks. The chef might juggle utensils, flip food into his shirt pocket, catch an egg in his hat, toss an egg up in the air and split it with a spatula, flip flattened prawn pieces into diners’ mouths, or arrange onion into fire-shooting volcanoes.

Its a lot of fun and gives guests  laughter and conversation while having dinner. Scoopon & Groupon has a deal at the moment at Kobe Jones for $69 a head. Coupon sites are great for getting great value dinning. I have been to their rocks location and its fabulous!

There are great deals on coupon websites like



5 Key ingredients planning great hens night

Life Drawing Class

Another as mentioned above is a life-drawing class which can be made fun with a nude male model. A few scantilty dressed cocktail waiters and the girls drawing skills will soon create an atmosphere of fun.

Classes – Dancing and cooking

Burlesque classes has become popular creating some laughter and light-hearted fun as guests learn the art of the dance.

If you want something a little less risqué, a cooking class where everyone enjoys the meal together afterwards can be a great way to get everyone talking and involved.

5 Key ingredients planning great hens night

3rd Key ingredient to planning a great hens night

Consider the budgets of your guests. Be mindful of how much the activities will cost. Dress up, classes, food, wine, child minding, gifts and transportation to and from the venue can start to add up.

Think of easy ways for them to go to the event location and what public transport options there are. As discussed earlier having a few different parts to the event can help guests choose to attend a certain part so as not to take on the full cost of the event.

Let your guests know the menu beforehand so they are aware of how much the meals are. Don’t encourage to split a bill as some guests will drink more and others may eat less. This can make people feel very uncomfortable. Give guests an option to join after a meal so they don’t need to dine but can come along later to enjoy a drink.

4th Key ingredient to planning a great hens night

It’s the brides event and its important they feel comfortable with the plans. Sometimes over zealous bridesmaids might want to make the night a little more wild than the bride-to-be had hoped for. The  planners of the event should know clearly the bride-to-be’s level of comfort around adult activities, budgets for guests and preferences for the special people in their life, like their mother and family.

5 Key ingredients planning great hens night

5th Key ingredient to planning a great hens night

Consider what the bride-to-be likes. If she loves 50’s movie stars or ABBA then create a dress up theme. If she likes to dance latino style then consider clubs that have that specific dance style, if she loves art then include an art gallery tour beforehand or an art class. Make sure the restaurant or food are to her preferences. If she is healthy then ensure its a place that has lots of fresh healthy food.

If  she loves the beach then ensure the hens party is somewhere near her favourite beach. You get the picture its about making the day one she will remember.

Incorporate her loves into the day to make it special and make it about her.

Happy Hens to you!

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