You have been waiting for this day for a long time...

You have been waiting for this day for a long time...

You’ve thought about the kind of day you’ll have, what you’ll wear and who will be there to share it with you.

It’s a dream that is now coming true.

And now starts the fun part. Making it happen. Because now, it’s a reality.

Celebrating your Wedding with family and friends is such a sweet way to mark the start of this beautiful new chapter.

And we want to help fill your day with love instead of debt!

Our number one priority is to provide you with a plan so you have the best day AND a happy start to your marriage... without breaking the bank!

The 5K Wedding Pack is here to help you avoid the traps and pitfalls of over spending and over extending yourself when planning your wedding.

Wedding Ideas
Wedding Venue

Our pack helps you in 3 ways...

#1: Our Sydney Suburbs Secrets Catalogue
To find your perfect venue and suppliers for under $5k!

#2: Happily Ever After Book
Tried and tested easy to apply ideas that will bring more love and joy into your life

#3: Luxe for Less Directory of Resources
Our directory of dresses, celebrants, hair stylists and more will help you prepare for your 5K Wedding.

Let's get planning!

Meet the Team

Elli Julia

Meet Elli Julia

I am passionate about self care and finding simple ways to be happier. To squeeze the most joy possible out of everyday life. Cause every day and every little moment is where it’s at!

I’ve worked in marketing, publications, conferences, and the largest professional Hair and Beauty events in Australia attracting around 20,000 visitors yearly!

So working with weddings and brides is where my work and my passions perfectly combine. I want couples to have a magnificent day without breaking the budget, and I especially want them to feel great - before, during, and long after the Wedding Day.

I’m recently married myself, have a teenage son, I love coffee just as much as I love tea, and I am a big fan of reading and writing. And cruises - I really truly love cruises - as you can see from my Wedding Photo!

Heather Porter

Meet Heather Porter

I believe in spreading hope to those who need it and helping more women improve their self-worth.

I’ve run my own businesses since 2008 building websites and running online marketing campaigns. I like speaking and coaching too and am even a certified trainer by Facebook. So I guess that makes me the "techie" on the team.

I have chosen this project because after travelling to many developing countries and seeing how people live in all walks of life... I believe happiness comes from experiences, not possessions. I know the 5K Wedding Pack will help people experience something they never thought would be possible for such a small budget.

I’m engaged, have 2 teenage stepsons, and am originally from California. I'm obsessed with podcasts and always on the hunt for a new stamp for my passport.

You can learn more about Heather here.