All you need is these 3 ways to stay calm on your Wedding Day

Hey Happy Addict! I bet you want to stay calm on your wedding day right?

It’s pretty safe to say all Brides to Be worry about things going wrong on their Wedding Day and either not having the day of your dreams or worse, arguing with someone, especially someone you love.

1- Don’t try to force perfection

This a beautiful moment. Which is so much more than a manufactured “perfect” moment. It is a celebration of love. There is no bridesmaid dress or perfect pair of stiletto’s (which you can’t even walk in), or flower arrangement that will magically make this day the cherished moment and memory you are dreaming of. If you have too many things to plan, then chances are you will also have too many things that can actually go wrong on the day – and you become your own worst enemy. Pick a few signature items, wear something you feel beautiful in, not what looked great on someone else so you just have to have it at all costs, and most importantly, create the magic and energy of the day by the love between you and your husband to be and your guests who are there because they mean the world to you and you want to share your joy, not your to-do list.

Avoid perfection and stay calm on your Wedding Day!

2 -You do YOU!

Don’t use this day to suddenly do things completely differently to who you are at your core and who you are as a couple. Don’t wear shoes that you would never normally wear, be as comfortable as possible while still feeling beautiful. Don’t overdo anything just because you feel this is your one chance and you are going to go for it no matter what time, energy or money it costs. Watch movies that feature the simplest of last minute Weddings, or the Weddings where all their plans went out the window because of a change in weather or some other weird drama. What usually ends up happening? The couple find a simple alternative, get married regardless, and somehow find the day turned out better than any planning they could have put in place. Why? They are in love and nothing is stronger than that. You have no-one to impress. All you need to do is what makes you happy – people around you may not always agree, but if you respectfully listen and acknowledge their ideas without necessarily agreeing, they will most likely be swept up in the happiness of the day and it won’t matter. And if it does, that’s ok – everyone will eventually go back to focusing on their own lives. Leave them to it.

#TRUTH SERUM: You do You

3 – Set yourself up for happiness

Rather than over-planning your wedding, instead plan some rituals in the week leading up to it and on the morning as you get ready. It’s like packing for a holiday – you take every combination and accessory you can possibly stuff into your suitcase and then you forget the one or two items that actually would have been the best and would have kept it simple and so much more enjoyable than carting around all that stuff. Don’t do too much in the lead up – go to bed early as often as you can, don’t overcommit or have too many celebratory nights out (there is plenty of time for these after when you can share photos and favourite memories).

Instead do all the things you KNOW make you feel your best – whether that is meditation, yoga, long leisurely walks, sitting by the beach or watching romantic movies.  Eat well, eat healthy and don’t suddenly change your eating habits or eat too little – this goes for the Wedding Day as well. Do everything you can to be relaxed the day before. If you can’t sleep, rather than toss and turn or get upset, immerse yourself in a book (you’ll probably be tired before you know it, but it’s ok if you are not – just stay in gratitude – joy and excitement will get you through) or watch one of your favourite comedies and laugh as much as you can.

Do all things with Love

Nothing is really worth getting upset or arguing over – you will look back and wish you hadn’t – and that’s not the memories you are wishing for. You are in love. You can make your point another time.

Do all things with love and your day just has to be beautiful and calm


The Zen Bride xx


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