Avoiding pre Wedding Arguments

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Weddings are super wonderful, but they can also can cause unwanted tension and the dreaded ‘wedding arguments’. Here at the Zen Bride our mission is to help brides and families focus on and enjoy as much happiness as possible, so we couldn’t ignore the fact that sometimes it’s a little hard to always have a smile on your face or act with kindness, even when you try really really hard.

Last week someone was a little snappy with me and I was feeling over being calm and nice and I snapped a little back. For a second it felt slightly good. But ultimately it didn’t feel GREAT.

Full disclosure. You probably will want to snap and make your point during this.. um shall we say ‘slightly’ emotional time.  But it really wont feel good for long and what you will be left with is the sour taste of regret.

Think about this way. Can you remember those times you have observed wedding arguments or just about any other fight between other people where you were not directly involved. Think back on how you saw it escalate over something that seriously didn’t matter, or things that would barely matter soon enough. Unfortunately most arguments during important and stressful times are like that.

Common Wedding argument topics can be around how much money to spend, who is on and off the guest list, the style and type of wedding and the location, who does what and when, Bridesmaid dresses and old arguments that get brought up during new ones. This not an exhaustive list and just about anything can cause tension when what you are organising matters so very very much to you.

But there is only one key ingredient that makes a Wedding beautiful that surpasses each and every one of all the usual ‘Wedding arguments’ topics.

Truth Serum: Less Wedding Arguments, More Love

If you have love and feel love, then you have the most amazing part of a Wedding all sorted. Beyond that we can’t tell you exactly what to say and what to feel when inevitable tension rises, but we can remind you of one simple thing:


At the moment something starts to feel tense or someone upsets you, the one thing we can suggest that could be the easiest and best thing you choose is to allow yourself some space, just allow a little time for the dust to settle, speak to a friend, go for a walk, take some deep breaths, do something you love – just a little bit of time can mean things may look a whole lot different and you could save a whole bucketload of heartache and regret.

When it comes to this idea the most powerful quote I have ever seen comes from Viktor E Frankl. And Viktor faced heartache and challenge on a level most of us will thankfully never know.

Wedding Arguments no more


Think about the memories you want for your wedding, the thoughts and feelings you want to cherish, and focus on those. Focus on why you are getting married – because you are so blessed to love and be loved.


The Zen Bride xx


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