BIG Moments v’s Small Moments

Hey Happy Addict!

Life is quite amazing when it comes to offering you all sorts of ways to learn super valuable lessons.

Today I have ‘accidentally’ come across two incredible and powerful things – and I will share the first one now and the other in the next Zen Bride Blog. I love reading and listening to things that are all about enriching life and harvesting happiness. I seek these ideas out whenever and wherever I can.

But sometimes I just like to read for fun, to be immersed in a story that I can imagine in my mind. The scenery, the people, the occasions… especially when I am holidays, then I often put down the self help books and get into a good old love story – I never get sick of these!


Having just come back from a lovely holiday, I finished one love story and now I am racing through another, very intriguing one. I find that even though I am reading fiction, it’s definitely still a fantastic way to learn about yourself  (without really realising), and a way to learn more about love and being loving from a different perspective. Just by living with the characters in a story for a time, you feel with them, you learn with them and you certainly can also love with them.

The current book I am reading is called “After you left” by Carol Mason, and is a slight departure from the type of love story I normally read. It’s about what happens when it suddenly and unexpectedly falls apart with no explanation. It’s got me hooked. And the latest chapter I just read had something profound that I absolutely wanted to share and bookmarked right away…

One of the new characters says :

You shouldn’t minimise moments, Alice. Our whole life is made up of them. It shouldn’t always be the big dramatic events that make you sit up and take notice. The value of your life is in all the unexceptional details”.

WOW. I had to read that a few times because it is such an incredible perspective on the focus and effort we often put into the BIG moments – say like a Wedding – and yet our lives are actually made up mostly of all the unexceptional little moments. Like the moments we laugh so hard over something so tiny, that we talk about it for years to come – boy do I have some of those, and now that I think about it – these simple unexpected moments far often outweigh what might be considered the bigger planned moments in my life.

Truth Serum: Small moments can be some of the best

Both are important. Both can create lasting memories. The point I take, and I thinks it’s extremely poignant, is that we must never miss the sweet little moments in our rush to get to the big ones.

Life is sweeter for having both big and small moments – so take them all in and consider yourself super lucky if you find yourself unexpectedly and uncontrollably laughing with friends or loved ones sometime soon… that might just become your most treasured memory.


The Zen Bride xx

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