Pre-Wedding Rituals

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Happy Hack

How to find out a happy hack for feeling better today

02 May 2020

đź’™ TIME FOR SOME ME-SEARCH!: Find out your happy hack ritual for feeling better today… it’s time to rock ‘hometime’ beauties xx

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Cryo For Weight Loss

Cyrotherapy for Weight Loss and Pain Relief

17 Feb 2020

The Experience: The 5K Angels tested a cryotherapy session, ate a vegetarian yum cha lunch at one of the 5K Wedding venues, and tasted the most Instagrammed cake at one of our catering recommendations. What Elli thought: From freezing to…

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#truth serum - Make everyday count

Make every day count…

10 Feb 2020

HEY Happy Addict! So we get it… YOU ARE WAITING… excitedly planning, dreaming, booking, sorting, buying, discussing and all the other this and thats that go with planning something important like a Wedding. But especially WAITING. And perhaps sometimes it…

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Truth serum: Be Kind to yourself

The art of Kindness – 4 ways to bring more into your life and your Wedding

20 Jan 2020

Hey Happy Addict! MANKIND. We actually have a word to describe us as people that has the word kind in it. Until I sat down to write on kindness, a topic I really care about, I didn’t even notice –…

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Find your happy place Zen Bride...

Three Habits of a Zen Bride

01 Jan 2020

Hey Happy Addict! Want to know 3 easy Habits to being a calmer more Zen Bride…? We have all heard stories about Bridezilla’s, ladies who are usually pretty chill that suddenly get mega stressed and even maybe a little mean during…

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Avoid perfection and stay calm on your Wedding Day!

All you need is these 3 ways to stay calm on your Wedding Day

20 Dec 2019

Hey Happy Addict! I bet you want to stay calm on your wedding day right? It’s pretty safe to say all Brides to Be worry about things going wrong on their Wedding Day and either not having the day of…

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BIG Moments v’s Small Moments

01 Dec 2019

Hey Happy Addict! Life is quite amazing when it comes to offering you all sorts of ways to learn super valuable lessons. Today I have ‘accidentally’ come across two incredible and powerful things – and I will share the first…

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Truth Serum: The best is yet to come

Feeling upset? Two major lessons I learnt that just might help!

20 Nov 2019

Hey Happy Addict!! Weddings…. they are by design all about the best things in life (love, people you care most about, joy, celebration) BUT By their nature (lots of planning, decisions, spending, differing opinions), they can also bring out our…

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Buddhists principles love realtionships


01 Nov 2019

Hey Happy Addict, When we are about to embark on marriage it can be an exciting time! It can also be scary!!!! We have all heard of the term ”cold feet” describing the feeling when a fiancĂ©e starts to have concerns about a…

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How being Grateful can change your Wedding Day

20 Oct 2019

Hey Happy Addict! There is a lot of information available on planning a wedding, covering every possible part of planning a beautiful day. the dress, the location, the flowers, the cake, the honeymoon. And this information is helpful and amazing.…

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The KEYS Ingredients to a great hens nights

5 Key ingredients to planning a GREAT hens night

01 Oct 2019

Hey Happy Addict, When creating a hens night is can be hard to please all parties involved.It can be a juggle to create a night where all ages enjoy themselves and the bride-to-be has a good time. Having an event…

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Truth Serum: Less Wedding Arguments, More Love

Avoiding pre Wedding Arguments

20 Sep 2019

Hey Happy Addict! Weddings are super wonderful, but they can also can cause unwanted tension and the dreaded ‘wedding arguments’. Here at the Zen Bride our mission is to help brides and families focus on and enjoy as much happiness…

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Unique Sentimental Wedding Traditions from around the World

01 Sep 2019

Hey Happy Addict,Would you like to spice up your wedding day with unique & sentimental wedding traditions from around the world? Lets face it we live in a multi-cultural world, in cities around the globe any given day of the week…

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Stay Calm on your Wedding Day with the help of a true friend

Three simple ideas for A Happy Wedding Day…

10 Aug 2019

Hey Happy Addict! We can’t always be happy or our best selves – but we can decide how hard we want to try, and with that decision, you can make it easier to keep the happiness hight on your Wedding…

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SM Sulphur for glowing hair, nails & skin

Easy – Natural Beauty Alternatives

01 Aug 2019

Natural Beauty Alternatives Hey Happy Addict, Do you want to know some easy and natural beauty alternatives? Teeth whitening, anti-wrinkle injections, hair / eyelash extensions and spa treatments can be expensive, dangerous, chemical laden and time consuming however there are easy and fast…

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Simple Wedding Dress - Grace Loves Lace

Simple Wedding dress Inspiration

20 Jul 2019

Are you considering a simple wedding dress but aren’t sure?? Choosing a simple wedding dress doesn’t mean that you can’t look absolutely stunning… and if the choice is right for you, and it makes your heart sing, then you will…

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Romance can be found in the simple things

Create a SEXY mindful romance

01 Jul 2019

Hey Happy Addict, Do you want to create a SEXY mindful romance? Well, there are simple ways you can create a SEXY mindful romance even if you live in a concrete jungle. You don’t need to wear an orange robe,…

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How to be happy on your wedding

5 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Happy on Your Wedding Day

20 Jun 2019

Are you worried that if you over stress in the lead up to your Wedding, you might ruin the actual day? Read on to be happy on your Wedding day… Weddings are supposed to be about happiness and love right?…

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Reduce Wedding Stress

10 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

01 Jun 2019

Before we get into it…. These are the reasons WE love small weddings – always do what’s right for your situation. A Wedding is a very personal decision and everyone has their own preferences and circumstances that will be part…

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