Happily Ever After

#1 Kindle Besteller in Weddings

Welcome Bride or Groom To Be!

Do you want to calmly sail through the planning of your wedding?

What if there was a way for decisions to be easier? For your to-do list to take care of itself, and for the stress and arguments often associated with wedding planning to be banished?

Happily Ever After is not your ordinary wedding guide. There are plenty of fantastic books on planning every kind of wedding imaginable. But this book is a little different.

It will compliment your planning, but most of all it offers an easy to follow roadmap that will help you reduce wedding stress, take better care of yourself, manage your time better and preserve your relationships - with your fiancé, family and friends.

So you can also plan for HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

The tried and tested ideas you’ll find throughout each chapter have been specially selected because they are so super simple to apply and yet can have a profoundly positive impact not only on your wedding day, but every part of your life.

Full of encouragement and fresh ideas, this book could just be the most important part of your wedding planning.

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