Cyrotherapy for Weight Loss and Pain Relief

The Experience:

The 5K Angels tested a cryotherapy session, ate a vegetarian yum cha lunch at one of the 5K Wedding venues, and tasted the most Instagrammed cake at one of our catering recommendations.


A visit to Cryo in Edgecliff to test cryotherapy

What Elli thought:

From freezing to feasting!

Here we go! Today was the start of the curious trio’s happiness adventures.

The three of us decided to take the plunge (almost literally!) and try CRYO therapy. For the uninitiated, this is choosing to be Brrrrr freezing cold on purpose to the tune of minus 110-170 degrees celsius by standing inside a cold nitrogen gas filled chamber.

I was definitely the most nervous out of the 3 of us – I am cold at the best of times. I will take a jacket in a heatwave and I am no match for the office air-conditioning. Which is why when our lovely consultant Cassandra from CRYO in Sydney asked who would like to go first, I knew it had to be me. I didn’t want to wait and watch Heather and Bridgit as my heart rate steadily climbed.

Gratefully as promised the short 2 minutes wasn’t nearly as bad as -110 sounds (although next time Cass promises we will go colder and longer…). I got to wear socks, gloves and my underwear – the coldest part of me was my thighs and elbows, and the rest was SURPRISINGLY ok and really doable. Coming out of the chamber you feel a rush of endorphins and a warm buzz as your body resets to normal temperature. I felt elated that we all did it!

Apart from feeling buzzed in a good way the rest of the day, my sore lower back was instantly free of pain. WOW – what a result. Just based on that, I’m going back for more!

A big adventure requires a lot of fuel… which is where our feast comes in, and feast we did. We languished and laughed at one of our fave 5k Wedding venues, Bohdi, enjoying the most delicious vegan yum cha you could ask for. Prawn-like dumplings led the charge and the Gin cocktails topped it off and ensured our Cryo Therapy buzz continued!

We followed this up with a much needed walk through Hyde Park on our way to sample a slice of one of our top wedding (or any occasion) cake recommendations – the uber famous most instagrammed cake in the world, Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry Watermelon cake. Yum is not an adequate word. Spectacular is probably better…

Our hearts and stomachs were full. What a wonderful experience shared with friends. Definitely happy.

Bodhi Vegetarian Yum Cha

A taste of Bodhi’s incredible vegetarian yum cha for lunch

What Bridgit thought:

From rushed to elated!

The sun was shining on a sleepy, Sydney Sunday morning but we were all still feeling a little rushed. As you do when you live a busy life, creating ‘me time’ is not always easy! We had all forgotten to read the instructions properly and at the last minute Heather saved the day by her quick purchase of socks which were required. I hadn’t read much about the and had no expectations.

Casandra the technician supporting our experience put us at ease with her warm smile and banter. Although when she said we would be entering an enclosed capsule that would be between -120 degrees to -170, I did start to wonder if I should have researched the procedure a little more. I cheekily said that my reason for wanting the procedure was to feel 20 again. Cas though didn’t seem to think that was out of the question!

I waved goodbye to Heather and Elli and entered ‘the pod’ to change. I did feel like I had entered into a science fiction movie and wouldn’t have been surprised to see R2D2 shuffle past.

Cas arrived at my door and told me it was time! I moved along the white corridor to the machine. A large silver cylinder with liquid nitrogen floating out. I was relieved Eli jumped in first and among quite a bit of laughing survived the treatment. By the time I entered I was feeling relaxed Eli and Heather had lived. The procedure was quick and easy. Some chilling of my elbows and joints but nothing that felt painful.

I felt elated afterwards which stayed with me right through to Monday. I believe the procedure helps release endorphins. I felt good! I felt even better after a delicious gin cocktail with Eli and Heather to debrief followed by Bodhi’s Sunday Yum Cha. The perfect day was finished with the most instagrammed cake according to the New York Post, Watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry. Heavenly day in every way!

Now it’s Monday I still feel fantastic, I slept very well Sunday night and my general lower backache has disappeared. Booked and ready for another session!

Watermellon Wedding Cake

The “most Instagrammed cake”

What Heather thought:

I lost almost 1kg in 24 hours!

I like pushing myself outside of my own comfort zone.  I guess that comes with the territory of being a business owner for over 10 years and sometimes not knowing where your next client is coming from.

So when I had the opportunity to try cryotherapy with my 2 “partners in crime” (aka my other 5K Wedding Co-Founders) I jumped at the chance.  I have read a lot about the benefits of extreme cold as a way to manage pain, stop inflammation and increase metabolism.

After we all changed into our robes in our futuristic private pods, complete with fancy blue fluro lights and a briefing video, we stepped out together to line up to go into the cryo chamber.  And that is when my heart started beating fast!!

It was a long 2 minutes with the last 30 seconds being the hardest.  The cold started getting intense, especially on my knees and elbows!  And as soon as I got out, my skin was tingling and I was buzzing. I wear a Fitbit and noticed my heart rate was elevated for the rest of the day slightly too.  After the cold we were ready for lunch.

The girls had been telling me great things about Bodhi, one of our wedding venues that is near the Cathedral and Hyde Park, in Sydney.  Since I am a pescatarian, I’m always on the look out for more great vegetarian food.  Their veggie yum cha lunch is meant to be amazing…. and it WAS!  Between that and the gin cocktail we were in heaven.  I imagined what the fairy lights would be like in the trees and bamboo surrounds that the girls told me lit up at night. What a gorgeous little sanctuary in the heart of Sydney.

From there we took off through the tree tunnels of Hyde park to our next stop to try the infamous Strawberry Watermelon Cake that Elli (and half of Instagram) is raving so much about.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  I never imagined a slice of watermelon layered in between cream, meringue and cake, with a topping of strawberries and jelly could taste so nice.  But the combo works, and this cake would be perfect for a summer wedding!

And yes, I really did lose almost 1 kg (over 2 lbs).  When I woke up the next morning I weighed myself and was expecting to gain from all the feasting.  I was amazed at the result.  I felt so much lighter.  Apparently you are meant to burn up to 400 plus calories for a couple of minutes in cryotherapy, so I guess if you are managing your weight for your wedding then that’s a bonus!

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