How being Grateful can change your Wedding Day

Hey Happy Addict!

There is a lot of information available on planning a wedding, covering every possible part of planning a beautiful day. the dress, the location, the flowers, the cake, the honeymoon. And this information is helpful and amazing.

So today I wanted to look at something simple that usually isn’t the first topic you’ll see when googling for Wedding ideas. Being Grateful.

But I am finding that more and more, simple is often a good place to start. And so is Gratitude.

being grateful changes your world

It may sound a little too “warm and fuzzy”, but actually that’s the whole point. Waking up and feeling happy for your life, open to a beautiful day, to all the sweet possibilities it holds and being grateful. Daydreaming about your wedding, and even more, daydreaming about your life with the one you love.

I noticed something with my team today. Most people are decent and kind, and, we all have our kinks and moments where we aren’t always our best. But often we so easily focus in on the things we don’t like about someone, or the things we only barely find mildly annoying. And then we become slightly blind to the great things about them. We forget to work to their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

It seems to be our natural tendency to see and focus on the things we don’t like.

And so it can be when planning your Wedding. So much of our heart and soul becomes vested in this ‘one’, albeit special, but just one day in a life that can be filled with so many magical moments. And in getting caught up in the excitement mixed in with nerves, we can start to miss all the things we can be happy about now, and we start to focus on what we don’t like far too much. We stop being grateful.

Truth Serum - Life is all your days not just one - start being grateful everyday

See the best in the people, the ones you care about the most when they are only trying to help. They want to be involved, they want to feel the excitement you feel. Weddings have such a special place in most people’s hearts, and they can be hard to resist – afterall, most of us only get to have our own Wedding once-ish, so the chance to be part of someone else’s is a beautiful opportunity to surround ourselves in the one thing that brings us all together – LOVE. We just love LOVE!

So practice being grateful whenever and wherever you can. Grateful for love, grateful for the moon and the sun, for flowers and trees and grateful you are about to start the next chapter with the one that makes your heart sing.

Say thank you. Thank you for all beautiful things you have experienced. For all that is to come. For love.

Love the Zen Bride xx

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