Make every day count…

HEY Happy Addict!

So we get it… YOU ARE WAITING… excitedly planning, dreaming, booking, sorting, buying, discussing and all the other this and thats that go with planning something important like a Wedding.

But especially WAITING.

And perhaps sometimes it may feel like all you do is excitedly wait. Which can sometimes turn into impatient waiting. Stressed out waiting. Or the worse kind of all, miss the present moment kind of waiting.

I got thinking about this topic because all through our lives we can often place ourselves in the limbo of ‘the wait’. Its not a bad thing and most of us do this especially for the lovely great things we are hoping and waiting for. We do it for items big and small – a new dress, the perfect shoe, a holiday, a birthday party, summer, winter, a new car, a new fridge, a renovation, a new TV, a new job, more income, moving house… the list is probably neverending! And then there is the beauty of finding the one, getting engaged, getting married – and all of these magic moments also rely on “the wait”.

THE WAIT can definitely be challenging. But don’t burn time waiting.

It’s not so easy to stay present every moment, especially when you want your future here and now. I know, because I am prone to the trap of the wait.

But time is one of the few things you can’t get more of and can’t get back.

#truth serum - Make everyday count

So this weeks blog is short and simple. MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT. Stop losing time in the wait. Because when we become super fixated on something we want, and so much so that we lose track of all that’s in front of us, it’s possible to miss some of the sweetness life offers every day. Sweetness that we are lucky enough to have.

Just do your very very best and soak up the sweetness while you look forward to more of it.

And make every day count.


The Zen Bride xx

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