Simple Wedding dress Inspiration

Are you considering a simple wedding dress but aren’t sure??

Choosing a simple wedding dress doesn’t mean that you can’t look absolutely stunning… and if the choice is right for you, and it makes your heart sing, then you will glow even more!

I love the saying YOU do YOU… just love it. And it so applies to what YOU decide you will feel and look great in for your Wedding Day. So go for it. To help you with a little inspiration, we wanted to share 5 gorgeous and simple wedding dresses we super adore…

TRUTHSERUM: You do you and wear a simple wedding dress


1) Simple doesn’t mean boring…

This is stunning from Grace Loves Lace at a reasonable $1,650

Simple Wedding Dress - Grace Loves Lace

2) Check out this $218 sweet dress from ASOS

They have a pretty extensive selection for Brides…

Simple Wedding Dress - ASOS

3) Ok now this is something TOTALLY different and we think it’s a little genius…

Le Rose make beautiful bride and bridesmaid robes to wear the morning of your wedding while you get ready, but we kinda of think it makes for a pretty genius wedding gown that you can truly wear again… oh and did we say it’s $189???!!!

The beautiful robe that becomes a Simple Wedding Dress!

4) This is a truly gorgeous and sweeping dress that could be worn as an elegant dress post wedding – like for sure!

It’s a winner at $520 – thank you Bronx and Banco for the Lilian!

Simple Wedding Dress - The Lilian from Bronx and Banco!

5) And for number 5 on our simple wedding dress inspiration list, we wanted to share with you one final GENIUS idea… pre-loved gowns

This is another example of how great recycling can be… We love searching through I DO GOWNS, because you can search by size, designer and location. Case in point – remember dress number 1 from Grace Loves Lace? Well a quick search for this designers beautiful dresses and look what we found , another from this lovely designer for $900 (or you can make an offer)! And you can pretty much be guaranteed it’s only been worn once! Check back regularly to find the perfect dress for you at a fraction of the price…

Recycled Simple Wedding Dress


All you need to remember is YOU DO YOU, because that’s what you do best!

Enjoy Happy Addict xx


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