Three simple ideas for A Happy Wedding Day…

Hey Happy Addict!

We can’t always be happy or our best selves – but we can decide how hard we want to try, and with that decision, you can make it easier to keep the happiness hight on your Wedding Day.

It’s a choice you get to make. So at this incredibly special time, make a deal with yourself. Decide who you want to be on your Wedding Day. Is it GRACE, LOVE, PEACE, ZEN, KIND…? These are just some ideas to think about –  pick the words that mean something to you and just go for it with all your heart.

If you are not sure how to make this a must, try these 3 simple tips designed to help make it easier for  you to stay happy on your wedding day…

1 – Choose happy over right

This is a life lesson that will save you heartache time and time again. And your Wedding day is the perfect day get better at this one. Arguing your point or trying to show anyone how right you are probably isn’t the most ideal stance to take on this special occasion. Find another way to approach things you need done, sorted or changed where possible. And if things can’t be changed, find another solution or roll with it knowing there has to be room for change and flexibility on a day with such high expectations and importance.

Trying to be right is one of the biggest causes of the big arguments. So ask yourself, is this how you want to look back on your life – and especially on your Wedding Day? Arguing a point that probably won’t matter in the most cherished memories of your life? Stop and remember what this person or moment means to you and Choose HAPPY over right.

Truth Serum: I'd rather be HAPPY - stay calm on your Wedding Day

2 – Talk to a friend

Have you frequently found that when a friend comes to you with a challenge or an upset in their life, that you can easily tap into amazing wisdom and help them see through the fog and help them feel a whole bunch better?

It’s often like this because when you are not emotionally attached to the problem, you can see it all so much clearer. I continue to experience both sides. Having surprising bouts of wisdom just pop out to help my friends alongside being stuck in my own mud and having dear friends absolutely stun me with their crazy helpful advice and insights. They calm me down and save me from a lot of heartache if I workshop through an issue with them before losing it with someone I love. And possibly causing a bucketload of regret.

This works both on your Wedding Day and in the lead up to it. Pick at least one friend early on in the Wedding planning who you know is up for the challenge of being brutally honest with you and can help you see things through a different perspective. Have them stay close on the day. Before you lose it with anyone – your mum, your wedded to be, the caterer, the florist, your bridal party, pretty much anyone – just check in with them first. They can be you voice of wisdom – be sure to arm them with who you want to be on your Wedding Day and have them make sure you follow through.

Can’t tell you the drama and unnecessary upset this will save on a day you want to cherish and remember so fondly. Keep a friend close and be happy on your Wedding Day!

Stay Calm on your Wedding Day with the help of a true friend

3 – Practice gratitude

When you get into the habit of gratitude, you see the greatest of things in the smallest of moments. Practise feeling genuine gratitude for all types of moments now and every day. I know you’ve probably heard Oprah and a dozen other people talk about the value of gratitude. But I want to tell you it’s true. Have gratitude for yourself, for all the things you accomplish every day  – not just ticking off your to-do list, but also just for going on a walk, smelling the flowers, looking up at the sky – feel the beautiful giddy feelings that you get to feel when you notice the lovely world around you and how lucky you actually are to be here, to be loved. And when you pay a little extra attention, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much goodness you will see all around you.

Be calm on your Wedding Day and be Grateful for love and life

Even though being present, calm and happy on your Wedding Day is already super important to you – it will be that much easier if you make a conscious decision to deliberately choose gratitude for all of life’s moments, big and small. Get into the habit now and watch what happens on the day – with gratitude as your guiding light, you will hopefully focus most on the love in the air.

And everything else will be icing on the cake.

Be Happy

Love The Zen Bride xx



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