Want to reduce stress and worry in the lead up to your wedding?

Get personal phone support with our Head of Happiness

Planning your wedding can be just as exciting as your special day

  • Want to reduce stress in the lead up to your wedding?
  • Are you worried you may argue with the ones you love?
  • Would you like someone neutral you can talk to about how you are feeling?
  • Do you need a little helping hand with the overall planning?
  • Or maybe you would really appreciate a sounding board during this special time?

The Happy Bride Package is the answer!

Feel happier and be your best during and after the wedding with 3 x 1hour phone or video call sessions with our Head of Happiness, Elli Julia.

Here's how Elli can help:

  • How to avoid arguments with your fiancé and loved ones
  • How to handle situations when things go wrong
  • What to do when you just can’t agree on wedding ideas
  • Looking after yourself in the lead up and beyond
  • Having greater confidence in your choices and yourself
  • How to have less nerves, stress or overwhelm on the day
  • Help with planning and deciding on all the details
  • How to avoid budget blowouts
  • And any concern or stress you need to vent to a neutral sounding board - your Bride Bestie is in your corner!

Meet your Wedding Guide, Elli

Elli Julia

It’s The Happy Bride’s Head of Happiness here! I am passionate about self care and finding simple ways to be happier. To squeeze the most joy possible out of everyday life. Because every day and every little moment is where it’s at!

I’ve worked in personal development looking after amazing speakers and authors getting first hand tips on living an enriched life, I love creating conferences that make a difference, and I've managed the largest professional Hair and Beauty events in Australia attracting around 20,000 visitors annually! Weaved into everything I do is the privilege of sharing ideas around love and happiness - and this is the part of my work that brings me the greatest joy.

Whether it’s through a podcast, event, sharing my book, on our website, during one on one sessions, mentoring my team or with friends and family where I am always learning the great and often challenging lessons myself.

Working with weddings and brides is where my work and my passions perfectly combine. I want couples to have a magnificent day without breaking the budget, and I especially want them to feel great - before, during, and long after the wedding day. I get the joys and the pitfalls - and I definitely had to follow my own advice having recently got married myself!

I am super curious about all the clever hacks that contribute to your happiness. I follow speakers in the field, read endlessly on the subject, am the author of my own book Happily Ever After - Loving The Year Before Your Wedding, and am in the middle of completing 'The Science of Happiness' course with the University of California Berkeley.

So if you need a 'bride's bestie' during this exciting yet sometimes stressful time - let's work together. I'm here to lend an ear or help with your planning ideas, give you stress reduction techniques, share tricks and tools to handle the moments when things don't go to plan, and most importantly, help you get the most happiness out of everyday - especially the BIG one!

To YOUR Happily Ever After xx

Here's what you get


3 x 1 hour one-on-one phone or video call support.
Choose when you want to use your 3 sessions.


A free copy of Elli's book, Happily Ever After - Loving The Year Before Your Wedding.

The 5k Wedding is pleased to offer The Happy Bride Package at our special Founder's Price.

ONLY $347 AUD (for a limited time)