Three Habits of a Zen Bride

Hey Happy Addict! Want to know 3 easy Habits to being a calmer more Zen Bride…?

We have all heard stories about Bridezilla’s, ladies who are usually pretty chill that suddenly get mega stressed and even maybe a little mean during the lead up to their Wedding Day. Whilst some Brides take on too much, a lot of the time, the people around them are also contributing to the return of the Bridezilla, with all their opinions and requests.

It happens, and you are so not a bad person if you fall into a little Bridezilla action around your Wedding – but there are also some super easy habits that help you become a little more Bride-Zen!

1) Find your happy place

What is it that works for you to get calm easy and pretty fast? Don’t wait till your Wedding Day to figure this out – start practising with ideas and strategies now and have a few up your sleeve depending on the situation you find yourself in. Here are a few ideas you can borrow to see if they work for you. If time permits – the super best simplest thing before you blow your stack at someone or something, is to go for a walk. This may seem too easy, but most annoyances can be drastically reduced by the sheer act of putting one foot in front of the other. It gives you time and space away from the situation, new perspectives can suddenly spring up, and you can concentrate on the flow of your breathing. Other options can include putting on a 5 minute meditation (have an app ready on your phone so you can do this no matter where you are), listening to your favourite music for even just a few minutes, or watching a re-run of your favourite show. Whatever you choose depending on where you find yourself – the idea is to lose yourself in something else. Finding that happy thing that fits you perfectly helps you create space and calm that you can then bring back to the problem or person. IT’S SO WORTH IT.

Find your happy place Zen Bride...

2) Practise Self Care

This one is huge and will serve you every day of your life – so now is the perfect time to start being deliberate in taking better care of yourself. Self care can be so many little things – you don’t have to stress yourself out by trying to be perfectly healthy – instead this is about all the little daily habits that add up to a huge amount of good. Doing a 5-10 minute meditation every morning, not rushing and actually taking on a little less so you don’t make your days all about how much you can fit in, making good food choices most of the time, not skipping meals when you are hungry and instead leaving a little more time to savour food, reading an immersive book and relaxing in bed instead of watching TV till late, taking a cat nap when it’s possible, catching a few sunny rays, stopping to enjoy a sunset, having a great conversation with a friend, drinking lots of water and stopping between tasks for deep calming breaths. You get the picture! It’s all the little things that don’t require stress or effort to fit them in, but their cumulative effects can be huge. Decide what self care means to you – is it a face mask, a massage, going to yoga? Pick a few things and make them part of your routine – and most importantly, make them a priority.


Make Self Care your Priority

3) Rest More

This one fits perfectly into idea number 2, but it can be so nourishing and calming that it deserves to sit alone. It is SO EASY and tempting to stay up a little late each night – but even 30 minutes past your ideal bedtime can cause havoc. Going to bed late is probably the single biggest impact on my day to day life – and this impact is incredibly noticeable during periods of higher stress. I can resist going to bed at a good time night after night for seriously no good reason – and yet when I gently let myself off the hook and stop trying to fit in “one more task” or “one more episode”, it is literally life changing. FULL STOP. EASY PEASY. Just go to bed earlier. And yet this is one habit many of us promise ourselves we’ll do, and yet regularly ignore. The benefits or rest are so far reaching on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Just try it for a few weeks and see how you feel… it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and it requires no effort (in fact that is the whole idea of rest!).

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So there you have it – 3 super accessible and super easy habits for keeping your ZEN on.

You are worth it.


The Zen Bride xx

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