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Who is the Winning Couple?

Sally and Kiel are from Australia and are both ready to start their life together!

Kiel proposed to Sally after just 2 months of knowing each other. He just knew Sally was the one. Due to Covid-19 pandemic Sally has recently lost her job in Hospitality but despite this set back they want to move ahead and say “I DO”.

Their Love Story

We’ve finally found the relationship we both always wanted.

I was studying physical education at university and raising my baby on my own. After experiencing life as a single mum, I decided to take another chance on love - I wanted to find my fairytale.

I met Kiel on Plenty of Fish last year, and then we later reconnected through Tinder at the start of this year. We went on our first date at the beginning of January and we’ve been together forming our family ever since.

Between us we have 4 children. My son is 18 months old and Kiel has a 10 year old son and 2 daughters aged 6 and 4. We understand that our children are our priority and my son actually came on our first date to a cafe and a walk by the lake. Instant sparks flew on that date, I knew I’d met someone special.

We spent the next two weeks talking on the phone for hours, really talking and getting to know each other. On our third date, his girls helped to cook us dinner and after putting them to bed , we settled in for a movie. From that night on we had a whirlwind courtship.

I was living with my brother and looking for somewhere to live - Kiel suggested we just jump straight in and take a leap of faith and move in together. I moved in after our fourth date! It felt natural and right.

In early March, Covid-19 restrictions came in and we were in isolation together.

Instead of lots of dates , each day in isolation became our dating experience. We settled into a lovely comfortable routine. We enjoy doing the simple things together. Our down time when it’s just the two of us, includes playing board games, video games and we love the simplicity of going for a drive together to Bunnings or to grab a coffee.

We’ve built our relationship on a mutual respect and an understanding of each other’s emotional needs and expectations. We are open and honest about our issues and we talk about what we want from our relationship. We both want a life surrounded by our children, having fun, camping, four wheel driving and creating great moments.

We communicate even when we can’t be together. Kiel is a shift worker and I like to pack his lunch for him while he sleeps and I’ll leave him notes in his lunch bag. He’ll then leave me notes which I can enjoy when I wake up. We enjoy the rituals that come with looking after each other, and communication and trust are at the core of our relationship.

Sally And Kiel

“We understand each other and support each other. We are currently going through tough times with our ex partners as we are a blended family. We communicate well, we are open and honest. We have the same sense of humour and always can make each other laugh by randomly dancing like we are drunk. We can sit for hours talking and telling each other how much we love each other.”

~ Sally

The Engagement and our future.

We talked about our future almost from the beginning of our relationship.

By March, Kiel kept hinting he wanted to propose. I would tease him and tell him my ring size. By the end of March I knew he’d bought the ring. The anticipation and excitement of a proposal started to build.

The day it happened, I’d been having a rough day with uni pressures and the ongoing complexities of sharing custody of my son. Kiel recognised I needed to get out, and he suggested we go for a drive to shake the day off.

We went to Nora Head lighthouse. As we walked along Kiel and I were both commenting on how it was a great spot for fishing and what great photogenic scenery there was. I was walking in front of Kiel with my back to him and he said “ you know what else this place is good for, proposing! “. When I turned around he was down on one knee with this ring in his hand.

Even though I knew it was coming, I was still in shock. There were butterflies and excitement. Referencing our love of video games, he asked if I would be his player 2? I said “Yes of course!”

I have finally found the man that makes me smile and brings out my fun side. He makes me feel special, loved and supported. He makes me feel important and that I matter. Trust is at the core of our foundation.

Our family and friends have supported us, as they can see the joy we bring to each other’s lives. His family have been our cheer squad since the beginning. I already call his parents mum and dad. They count my son as their grandchild . I not only found the love of my life, but gained a a whole new family as well. And they’ve been such big supporters through the 5K wedding competition.

We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together looking after each and our family. I feel safe and protected with Kiel and can’t wait to for our wedding day.

Meet Sally's Wedding Dream Team

The following experts are helping Sally prepare for her special day.

Sharon Blain

Meet global icon and hair styling master, Sharon Blain

Sharon is one of the most most acclaimed hairdressers and hair educators in the world.  We can’t even tell you how honoured and just plain over the moon we are that Sharon has kindly offered to share her award winning tips for our bride-to-be’s special day. She is known the world over for her incredible bridal, editorial and celebrity red carpet styling. Stay tuned - because Sharon’s stunning styling tips will be captured on video so all of our Brides and Beauties can benefit! Sharon is TOP of our list when it comes to hair styling, which is why our very own Head of Happiness could think of no-one better for her wedding last year.

The chosen bride gets: a personal video with tips for the perfect hairstyle for the day


Meet previous Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, Mia Connor

Mia Connor has been in the makeup industry for fifteen years and educating for seven. Known for her “red carpet” approach to makeup, where skin is fresh and eyes are dramatic but not overdone. Travelling the world to deliver her masterclasses to artists around the globe, Mia is incredibly passionate about teaching others, supporting this industry and inspiring artists.

See some of Mia's work.

The chosen bride gets: a personal video with bridal makeup tips for the day


Meet your "personal trainer" for healthy skin, Anna Dale

Anna is the owner of DMK Skin Revision Clinic and has been working in Beauty Therapy for 22 years. She always had a special passion for skin and chose to work only with cosmeceutical skincare because she knew it was the only way to create change in difficult to treat skin conditions. She has also worked at the DMK Australian head office under the guidance of industry expert and director of education Debbie Dickson. She believes in a holistic approach and educating clients in truly understanding the underlying causes of their unique skin concerns.

The chosen bride gets: a free skin consultation and diet plan

Elli Julia

Meet The 5K Wedding's Head of Happiness, Elli Julia

Reduce any stress and worry that might pop up in the lead up to your wedding by experiencing our Happy Bride Package. Elli has worked in personal development looking after amazing speakers and authors getting first hand tips on living an enriched life and has managed the largest professional Hair and Beauty events in Australia attracting around 20,000 visitors annually. She is also the author of Happily Ever After - Loving The Year Before Your Wedding (the lucky couple will get a copy!) and is in the middle of completing 'The Science of Happiness' course with the University of California Berkeley.

The chosen bride gets: 2 private phone sessions with Elli


Meet the exceptional Angel Card Reader & Intuitive, Denise

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a reading with a psychic? Denise’s insights, wisdom and gentle approach are like a healing balm when you are looking for a fresh perspective. At this beautiful time of your marriage, Denise is honoured to work with you both and tune into your lives for a 30 minute reading as you prepare to say “I do”. The detail and specifics which Denise is able to share is what keeps her loyal clients working with her for years, and her mesmerising ability to tap into the spiritual world make her a much loved friend and guide to many. Denise is our ‘angel’ here at The Happy Bride and we adore her! This lady is a rare gem and she is looking forward to sharing with you at this special time.

The chosen bride gets: a 30 minute phone reading

Sarah Head Shot

Meet award-winning wedding and portrait photographer, Sarah

With over 20 years in the Wedding Industry and having worked for some of the leading photography studios in Sydney, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Sarah has made a name for herself as an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer with a genuine love of her craft. She founded de lumière photography bringing together a team of liked-minded creatives and collectively they have established themselves as Sydney's best Natural Photographers with a passion for authenticity.

The chosen bride gets: A Camera Ready Guide, along with a 15 minute Zoom meeting


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